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 in response to Anora Eldorath...   Anora, the majority of Native American persons are undocumented. Think about it (the Res Ndns should think about this too) Ndn reservations are prisoner of war camps. This is where related Ndn persons were originally documented. The Ndn's who didn't want to live in these camps were not.

No one makes Germans or Albanians or Japanese prove their genetic heritage and the only reason that the American government insists on it is to eventually prove that there are almost no Ndn's left to own our resources and the gov. can just move in and takes what little is left.

Among Ndn's the intensity about Tribal enrollment is to opose persons who assume Ndn identity and then try to cash in on it. A very real and huge problem.

If your Ndn, your Ndn. Find out where your people are at now. Visit Pow and to find out what is up with the people these days. We dont live in a fog of the old days. We are a happening people struugling to preserve our heritage.
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Just thought I'd post something here. My great-grandmother was Cherokee, though I'm still unable to find actual papers. According to my father she was forced to speak English and names were changed early on so that no trace could be found. I heard recently that tribal relations gave up membership cards so I've never had any legimate membership, but I am trying to teach my children about their ancestry.


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